Marine Transit Insurance

Coverage Summary

Marine Transit insurance provides protection against physical loss or damage to cargo in transit.
Despite the fact that the policies are named “marine” policies, insurers can generally provide cover for both inland and overseas (imports and exports) transit of goods. Thus cover is not always limited from port to port, but also including the transportation from warehouse to port.
Unlike a Marine Cargo policy which provides a “floater” cover for all shipments during the policy period, a Marine Transit policy is a one off policy for a specified transit.

Additional Benefits

In addition to covering goods whilst in transit, policies often include the following additional benefits:

  • Coverage whilst goods are in incidental storage
  • Accumulation covers
  • Specialist cover for shipment of branded goods
  • Cover whilst there are any delays in unpacking
  • Cover for Strike Diversion expenses
Obtaining a Quotation

Generally the following information is required to obtain a quotation:

  • Description of Goods being moved
  • Value of Goods moved.
  • Transit origin and destinations.
  • Method of transit (Air, Sea, Rail, Road)
  • Dates of Transit
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