Free Risk Assessment & Insurance Health Check

This is a free, no obligation independent due diligence check that all businesses should carry out at least every five years, to check on the adequacy and cost effectiveness of their current insurance program. This Free Health check will include:

  • Professional Survey:
  • - Premises and operations.
  • Risk Assessment:
  • - Prepare the risk assessment.
  • Risk Review:
  • - Review and categorise all identified risks.
  • Risk Register:
  • - Prepare the initial Risk Register
  • Agree the risk program;
  • - What risks can be accepted
  • - What risks can be avoided
  • - What risks can be reduced by management and mitigation
  • - What remaining risks need to be transferred to insurers, and how.
  • Price Check:
  • - Market all covers to all available insurers who can prospectively insure each risk. (This is a comprehensive and transparent buying process where we negotiate with every possible insurer to obtain the best combination of cover and price for each risk.)
  • Due Diligence:
  • - Report showing all multiple competing insurer's quotes and covers for each risk and agreeing the best insurer to place each risk with. This constitutes a free "due diligence" price check against the current insurance program.
  • Placement:
  • - Place the insurance program if it is approved, on agreed terms.

We carry out a comprehensive review of your operations.
We assess and categorise all of your business risks.
We then treat identified risks by transferring unacceptable risk to insurers.

This free review and price check service has a value in excess of $1,000.00 and is totally without any cost or obligation.

Contact us for your Free insurance health check today - 1300 717 119