Our Core Services

Risk Management

At ARMS Risk Management we help companies assess, analyse and manage their end to end business risk and loss exposure, and create added value for our clients. Today’s complex business environment presents organizations with new and evolving risks. - ARMS Risk Management's advisory Risk team works with organizations to better manage their business risks (including cyber, strategic, information technology, supply chain, and operational risks) while challenging established norms and seeking innovative solutions that unlock value to our client. - Our world class team of professional’s provides a full suite of risk assurance services (including assisting organizations with preparing to meet the demands of regulations and standards by performing assessments, and advice that enables our clients to ensure regulatory compliance and risk mitigation and minimisation.

Insurance Program Design & Placement

As your insurance advisor, we work as your advocate in the insurance market, recommending the best insurance programs specifically developed for your business. We will design an insurance program that provides the breadth of coverage dictated by your businesses risk propensity at a competitive price. Among our deliverables, ARMS will: - Review your insurance needs with you - Advise and make recommendations as to your insurance requirements - Prepare underwriting submissions and discuss and agree a renewal marketing strategy with you. - Negotiate specific policy coverage terms, conditions and exclusions with insurers. - Place the insurances agreed upon

Claims Management

Any broker can recommend and sell you insurance. The value added by the broker relationship with your business is how claims are handled and settled. ARMS Risk Management specializes in getting its clients a fair and reasonable settlement based on the individual circumstances of each claim. Claims management is a collective term for all work that ARMS Risk Management carries out for our clients that unfortunately suffer a loss. This includes but is not limited to: - Registering a notice of claim with your insurers. - Checking the coverage and advising of any limitations in coverage. - Expediting claims by advising the documentation required to assess a claim and calculate the quantum of loss. - Engaging loss adjusters if necessary and chaperoning loss adjusters whilst they investigate the loss. - Negotiating final settlement with the insurers, and ensuring that our clients receive settlement funds promptly. - Providing periodic reports to clients on all outstanding claims including current progress on all claim files estimated quantum reserved by the insurers, and total claims paid or part paid.