Workers Compensation Insurance

Coverage Summary

Workers Compensation cover is a statutory required cover for employees, protecting against injury during work. All the Australian States and Territories have specific regulations regarding Workers Compensation cover and third party providers.
Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania are all classified as “Risk” states so premiums and rates can be negotiated directly with licensed insurers.
South Australia and Queensland both have government owned and run workers compensation systems.
New South Wales and Victoria both have government controlled systems, however administration and claims are managed via licensed insurance companies contracted to the State Governments.

Other Considerations
  • Where employees may be injured at work in a State or Territory to which they are not domiciled there are Extra Territorial Workers Compensation covers to be considered.
  • There are specific requirements for select approved companies to self-insure workers compensation exposures under the ComCare system.
  • There are also specific requirements for Expatriate employees to ensure that they have cover whilst on assignment.
  • Seafarers also have specific regulations.
Obtaining a Quotation

In order to obtain a quotation, insurers will require payroll information about your employees for each Australian State and Territory that you hire staff, as well as a description of your business operations for classification and premium rating purposes.
It should also be noted that overseas operations may require specific Workers Compensation policies to be effect in that country to comply with specific international territorial limits and legal jurisdictions.
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Our Products

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