Corporate Travel Insurance

Coverage Summary

Different insurers provide different coverages under their policies, however most will provide the following benefits whilst an employee is on a business trip (usually 100km or more from the office and home resident of the employee):

  • Medical expenses for personal accident and sickness and covers for evacuation
  • Kidnap and Ransom covers
  • Cover for costs incurred due to travel cancellation and disruptions
  • Cover for loss or damage to luggage and travel documents
  • Personal Liability for third party injury or third party property damage
  • Rental Vehicle deductibles covers
  • Extra Territorial Workers Compensation covers
  • Evacuation costs resulting from political or natural disasters
  • Search and Rescue expenses.
Additional Benefits

Policies can often include cover for any incidental or private travel, and may also provide limited cover for an accompanying spouse or dependent children.

Obtaining a Quotation

To obtain a quotation insurers will require your companies travel logs which should identify number of trips annually (domestic and international), duration of trips, maximum number of employees travelling together, and destination of trips.
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Our Products

All policies are subject to the insurer's policy terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording and agreed with the insurer. The information provided in our Product pages are a general description of the cover only. For more information about any of the insurances on our website please contact ARMS Risk Management.