Trade Disruption Insurance

Coverage Summary

Trade Disruption cover was predominantly developed to protect against loss of earnings and extra expenses caused by a delay or non-arrival of supplies or stocks due to political disruptions. However, there are now stand-alone covers for Trade Disruption Insurance which can cover losses arising from various interferences to your supply chain.

Cover has developed further by not only covering against the losses caused by political events to goods in transit or bricks and mortar, it insures against the loss of gross or net income caused by the interruption of the supply chain from beginning to end.

The following are examples of common claims:

  • Failure of a supplier to deliver goods on time and consequential penalties
  • Insolvency or bankruptcy of a supplier
  • Closure of ports, railways or airports and blockage of waterways
  • War, civil war, political terrorism, revolution, riots, strikes
  • Imposition of trade restrictions (embargoes, sanctions)
  • Power grid failure or disruption
  • Damage to material handling equipment in port, rail yard or airport
  • Weather related perils such as flood, hurricane, tsunami, typhoon, tornado and earthquake
Obtaining a Quotation

You can obtain quotes for stand-alone cover for a large range of events, or some insurers offer cover as an extension to a Marine Cargo policy. For more information please contact ARMS Risk Management.

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