Fleet Motor Insurance

Coverage Summary

There are generally 2 types of motor fleet policies being for regular vehicles (such as hatches, sedans, wagons, Utes, and light vans) and heavy motor fleet designed to insure heavy haulage trucks, and road registered plant and equipment.
Both policies cover (section 1) material damage to your vehicles, and (section 2) third party liability caused by your vehicles.

Additional Benefits
  • Specified Value or Market Value
  • Cover for declared Accessories and Trailers
  • Automatic Additions Clause
  • Specific Public Liability limits for Dangerous Goods Carrying Vehicles.
Policy Considerations

One of the main factors in determining policy premiums is claims experience. ARMS Risk Management can assist in reducing premium costs by investigating different deductible structures and providing options for your fleet insurance.
In addition, to assist with ancillary costs associated with managing a vehicle fleet, ARMS can assist with:

  • Claims management services;
  • Providing quotations from insurers who have claims management facilities for both under and over deductible claims.
  • Providing referrals to third party motor fleet claims specialists.
Obtaining a Quotation

Most insurers will require a schedule of your current fleet (generally a minimum of 15 vehicles), as well as fleet numbers and claims experience for the last 5 years.
For more information please contact ARMS Risk Management.

Our Products

All policies are subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording and agreed with the insurer. The information provided in the following pages are a general description of the cover only. For more information about any of the insurances on our website please contact ARMS Risk Management.