Liability Insurance

Coverage Summary

A Public Liability policy (also known as a third party liability or public and products liability policy) covers legal liability of the insured resulting from damage caused to third party property or injury to a third party.
It is possible in some instances to include additional parties under a Public Liability policy of insurance, however it is important to understand the extent of cover additional parties will have under a policy as well as the risks associated with having multiple insureds under any insurance policy.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the property repair costs for damage to third party property; or the medical costs resulting from third party injury, Public Liability policies generally also include cover for the following additional costs:

  • Costs incurred to mitigate further loss
  • Emergency Attendance costs
  • Claims Preparation Costs
  • Defence Costs
Obtaining a Quotation

In order to obtain a quotation the insurer will need:

  • A detailed description of your business activities
  • A list of the Holding company and any subsidiary or associated companies, legal entities and Trusts to be insured must be included.
  • Head Office location and all business locations.
  • Details regarding your company’s turnover for the last 3 years and estimated turnover for the proposed policy period.
  • Details regarding employee numbers and payroll for the last 3 years and estimated payroll for the proposed policy period.
  • Details of Imports & Exports (if any)
  • Details of planned new products and/or business occupations (if any)
  • Previous Claims Experience

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Our Products

All policies are subject to the insurer's policy terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording and agreed with the insurer. The information provided in our Product pages are a general description of the cover only. For more information about any of the insurances on our website please contact ARMS Risk Management.