Internet Liability Insurance

Coverage Summary

Internet Liability Insurance is designed to cover liabilities arising from the conducting of business over the Internet.
Any business with an internet presence that sends and receives information by email, downloads documents or holds personal and sensitive data should consider Internet Liability exposures.
The Main covers under an Internet Liability Package are:

  • Financial Injury and Technology-Related Injury Liability (IT Professional Indemnity)
  • Bodily Injury, property damage and personal injury liability (IT Public & Products Liability)
  • Product Withdrawal Expenses (IT Liability)
  • Privacy Remediation Expenses (IT Liability)
Additional Benefits
  • Defence and Representation costs
  • Fee and Expense Mitigation
  • Loss of Data of Document Expenses
Obtaining a Quotation

See also Cyber Risks or please contact ARMS Risk Management for more information.

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