Foreign reinsurers still want African business despite challenges

African reinsurance markets have experienced material growth in the past decade, despite a challenging operating environment, with significant headwinds of currency volatility and inflationary strains amid global softening market conditions. That is the verdict of the annual Africa reinsurance report from rating agency AM Best, which says that, in the past year, the continent’s reinsurers have been affected by slower…

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AIG is no longer too big to fail

The U.S. freed the insurer from enhanced regulation, removing the scarlet letter it wore since the 2008 financial crisis.

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AIG is no longer too big to fail, so now it wants to get bigger

The U.S. freed the -based insurer from enhanced regulation, removing the scarlet letter it wore since the 2008 financial crisis.

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Can diversity targets for senior leadership change the insurance business?

Debate tackles controversial topic of targets, with one side arguing they are vital and another that they are ‘tokenistic’

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Trump defends response to `historic’ damage in Puerto Rico [photos]

The president said , which already was a $74 billion mountain of debt and a shrinking economy, will need a costly recovery.

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Best and Worst Security Functions to Outsource

Which security functions are best handled by third parties, and which should be kept in-house? Experts weigh in.

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More Borrowing Is Not the Answer at Valeant

is considering a new round of borrowing. That is one reason investors should consider cashing in after the stock’s big recent rally.

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Outlook Is Foggy, Investors See Sunshine

The market is acting like the economy is about to take off, though hurricanes and tax cut debate make it hard to see the future.

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Apple Shares More Data with US in First Half of 2017

Device-based data requests from government agencies dropped in the first half over last year, but Apple fulfilled a higher percentage of those requests, according to its transparency report.

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Seniority complex: buy side balks at costs of SMR extension

Expansion of scheme will bring 47,000 firms in scope; compliance and recruitment costs set to rise

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Whole Foods Reports Credit Card Breach

The breach affects customers of certain Whole Foods taprooms and table-service restaurants.

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Apple Mac Models Vulnerable to Targeted Attacks

Several updated Mac models don’t receive EFI security fixes, putting machines at for targeted cyberattacks.

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Why M&A Bankers Are Rooting for Tax Reform

Every deal banker has a pile of pitches that were rejected by clients who said the tax bill made them too costly. Bankers will start dusting those pitches off if the Trump plan’s lower corporate rate become law.

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People on the move in the P&C insurance industry: Sept 29, 2017

News from All Risks, Ltd., XS Brokers, and more.

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Sweeping cybersecurity regulations unlikely in Congress: Rep. Himes

Both Himes and an agent called for international cybesecurity norms during a conference in .

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2nd Rockfall In Two Days At Yosemite’s El Capitan Injures One

One day after a rockfall killed a British tourist on ¸ another rattled ’s famous rock climbing destination on Thursday¸ injuring one man. Park officials identified the man as . The tourist killed on Wednesday was identified as Andrew Foster of Wales. His wife was seriously injured¸ but her name has not been released by park authorities. The injured woman was airlifted to a nearby hospital. The couple were visiting the park from the United Kingdom and were there to rock climb¸ though they were not climbing at the time of the rockfall¸ the parks service said. Thursday’s rockslide occurred at 3:21 p.m. in the same area as Wednesday’s fatal rockfall¸ said ¸ the public affairs officer for Yosemite National Park.

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Analyzing Cybersecurity’s Fractured Educational Ecosystem

We have surprisingly little data on how to evaluate infosec job candidates academic qualifications. That needs to change.

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IDG Contributor Network: Getting to the collaborative mindset

Our research on the factors necessary for successful collaboration has shown that although technology is an “enabler” of interactions, collaboration is a collection of human behaviors. What we found most critical are two things: a “collaborative mindset” and learning how to collaborate successfully.

One of our assessment tools (TCEP, which I wrote about in my last blog), is a metric of how collaborative a team or organization is. This metric is subjective, but it does allow everyone to put themselves on the same scale, so groups, teams, and departments, can compare themselves to each other.

One of the characteristics we are able to tell from these TCEP scores is if the team, group, or department has a collaborative mindset. Often the behaviors of an organization follow the behaviors of the leaders. One of the latest “bad” examples is Travis Kaplinik, the former CEO of Uber.

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One-In-Four Cars Sold At CarMax Locations Had Open Safety Recalls

More than 25 percent of used vehicles sold at eight CarMax locations across the U.S. contained safety defects that weren’t repaired¸ despite being under recall¸ according to a review by car safety advocates. Some of the cars included unrepaired Takata airbags¸ which have been linked to numerous deaths. Problems with used cars with open recalls being sold aren’t new. But the study—conducted by the Center For Auto Safety¸ the Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Foundation and the MASSPIRG Education Fund—found sales of vehicles with unfixed safety recalls have doubled¸ compared to a previous sutdy in 2015 that looked at five CarMax locations.

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Citizens Property Insurance: Irma Less Damaging In Florida Than First Feared

Florida was spared the worst of . And as homeowners continue to file ¸ it’s becoming clear just how glancing the blow was for most of the state. As of Wednesday morning¸ Citizens Property Corp. had received 45¸681 claims. On a Wednesday morning conference call with board members¸ board chairman said the state-run insurer of last resort now anticipates a total of about 70¸000 claims over the next 18 to 24 months.

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