Fraud News Around the Nation

New Jersey Man Gets Prison Term for Role in High-end Vehicle Theft Ring A man involved in a ring that carjacked or stole high-end vehicles and sold them overseas is now headed to prison. received a 10-year sentence …

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California Storms Reveal Sea Level Rise Damage to Roads, Cities

Ocean rise already is worsening the floods and high tides sweeping this stormy winter, climate experts say, and this month’s damage and deaths highlight that even a state known as a global leader in fighting climate change has yet …

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Insurance For Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show May Cost Over $100K

On February 5¸ will headline the halftime show and will require a substantial event insurance policy for the performance. She intends to perform on top of the NRG Stadium cover dome in Houston. Organizers are scrambling to assemble plans to safely put her on the dome in the first place. While it’s clear that every measure will be taken to ensure Lady Gaga will be safe the entire time¸ it will certainly add a hefty amount to the event insurance policy cost. The performer has already been practicing for the show on her backyard’s tented dance floor.

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