MS Amlin Asia Pacific launches special purpose reinsurance vehicle

It complements another recently launched SPRV

Source: Business Online MS Amlin Asia Pacific launches special purpose reinsurance vehicle

Crypto Crime Hit Record $14 Billion in 2021, Research Shows

LONDON — Crime involving cryptocurrencies hit an all-time high of $14 billion last year, blockchain researcher Chainalysis said on Thursday, a record that comes as regulators call for more powers over the fast-growing sector. Crypto received by digital wallet addresses …
Source: Journal USA Crypto Crime Hit Record Billion in 2021, Research Shows

Virginia Officials Defend Response to Snowy Gridlock on I-95

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) –A winter storm that started as rain — meaning roads couldn’t be pretreated — followed by an unusually heavy snowfall and plunging temperatures resulted in the stranding of hundreds of motorists along a stretch of one of …
Source: Journal USA Virginia Officials Defend Response to Snowy Gridlock on I-95

Philadelphia Fire Kills at Least 13, Including 7 Children

PHILADELPHIA (AP)–A large fire tore through a two-unit house early Wednesday in Philadelphia, killing 13 people, including seven children, and sending two people to hospitals, fire officials said. They warned the numbers could grow as firefighters inspected the rowhome, where …
Source: Journal USA Philadelphia Fire Kills at Least 13, Including 7 Children

SLE appoints new CEO

Hire follows departure of leader after 25 years of service

Source: Business Online SLE appoints new CEO

Optio acquires warranty & indemnity underwriting agency Brockwell

Acquired agency has built solid client base across various regions

Source: Business Online Optio acquires warranty & indemnity underwriting agency Brockwell

WTW: Dealmakers achieve first positive M&A performance since 2016

giant releases forecast on global mergers and acquisitions for 2022

Source: Insurance Business Online WTW: Dealmakers achieve first positive M&A performance since 2016

Berkley Insurance Australia teams up with Frontier to offer blockchain insurance

for blockchain companies is currently limited

Source: Insurance Business Online Berkley Insurance Australia teams up with Frontier to offer blockchain insurance

Risky Business: Safety Tips for Arborists

Many people who work in arboriculture are at risk of injury or death due to their job. This is why they need to take safety precautions and be aware of common threats. Arborists are usually the first on-site to provide an assessment of a tree’s condition and recommend a plan of action.

Arborist play an important role in public safety and should take necessary precautions to avoid injury. There are a lot of things that could go wrong without arborists. Therefore they should ensure they prioritise their safety. Here are some simple safety tips for arborists:


Wear appropriate clothing

An arborist must wear the right type of clothing during their work. They need to put on something durable that provides protection from debris/splinters but is also lightweight and comfortable.

Additionally, it is beneficial if they wear a hard hat that has been certified by the safety department. Since hard hats can break or become dented, it is important to have a backup hat with which the arborist can switch out.


Protect the body

Arborists are at risk of injury when they climb trees, especially if it is a dangerous type of tree. They could become injured if they fall from a height, get cut by the saw, or tangled in the ropes and harnesses that hold them in place.

Therefore, the arborist needs to protect their body with safety gear whenever they are working in trees. For example, they need to wear a harness attached to the tree and roped up for safety.


Inspect tools before use

Arborists need to have the right tools for their job. They need a chainsaw that is in working condition and sharp, but they also need other equipment such as a ladder, pole saw, and rope.

The arborist needs to inspect all of these tools before use to ensure that they are safe to use and work properly.


Use caution when climbing trees.

The arborist needs to be aware of how they are climbing up the tree. They need to have a clear path for their ascent and watch out for any hazards that could prevent their climb.

For instance, an arborist Melbourne should look out for weak areas or point out dead branches since they could fall off. Additionally, they should try to avoid going under a branch that has been damaged as it could break at any moment.


Make sure support is available.

When working in a tree, the arborist should always have help if they need it. This may be from their crew or the client who requested their services, but support must be available. If an arborist needs to stop working to rest or go to the bathroom, a replacement/assistant should be there.


Prioritise safety above all else

Before doing anything in a tree, an arborist should prioritise their safety. This means that they need to make sure the area is safe and free of hazards before moving on to the next task. Additionally, an arborist should always wear their safety gear and follow proper procedures as much as possible.

There are many hazards during tree care work, so arborists need to know how to stay safe at all times. The number one risk for arborists is falling out of trees, so it is important to use fall protection equipment. Arborists should wear proper footwear, use the right tools for each job, and always know their equipment location.

The role of arborists is vital to the environment, so they will always be in demand. They have to ensure their safety as well as that of those around them at all times. Distractions are not part of the job since they can be costly.

Source: WorkSafe News Risky Business: Safety Tips for Arborists

Professional Window Cleaning: Workplace Safety

One of the most eye-catching things about a building is its cleanliness. You can never forget how spotless the floors were and the windows clean and shining that you can see your reflection, and if it’s on a top floor, you find yourself wondering whether or not there is a window there. Spotless windows reflect something positive about a place, whether it is a home or business. No one would go into a store and shop happily when the windows are too dirty and ugly or sit comfortably in such a home.

A clean and healthy environment is a mandatory requirement for any company to provide for its employees. The majority of people would not be willing to work in a place that looks dirty and hazardous to them. They would instead seek employment elsewhere. As an employer, this would also not go well with the labour office, and they will be after you for violating mandatory legal requirements. The best move is to get a professional window cleaning company that will handle cleaning the windows in the workplace.

Most window cleaning companies offer an all-rounded service when it comes to workplace cleaning. They always have a professional window cleaner in their team whose primary focus will be on the windows. This is mainly to ensure that the job is appropriately done and proper safety measures are adhered to, especially if the windows are hard to reach.

There is the risk of an accident when trying to clean windows that are way up; someone can fall and get injured seriously. An injury will be another legal implication to the employer and all those involved. Therefore, when looking for a window cleaning company, ensure that you inquire about their safety measures regarding specific cleaning tasks.

As a client, you also have a legal responsibility to ensure that you engage a company that abides by the law. Any professional window cleaner is at risk, and these risks are not limited to personal injury alone. When it comes to the law, your position as a client will not matter; there is the public liability bit of it that will affect you. You have to put proper measures in place to provide a safe workplace for any professional window cleaner at your premises. This part of the responsibility ensures that the window cleaning company has an appropriate public liability cover.

They may also cause damage to your property, and you will need this damage catered for by the window cleaning company. The window cleaning company must be able to pay for the damages. You may have noticed that most professional window cleaners tend to use ladders during their work execution. The ladders can slide and cause a fall, injuring the cleaner, making them unable to work anymore. The worst-case scenario is when the fall is fatal, and loss of life occurs. You can be held liable. The costs of such a case are substantial and will undoubtedly take a toll on you financially.

You need to be thorough and read the fine prints before engaging any window cleaning company. Ensure that you go through the fine prints of the contracts before signing. You must make all the essential queries while asking for proof of the same. You can request for them to be included in the contract. The significant factors that the cleaning companies must have are:

  • Public Insurance liability
  • Proper Cleaning Equipment
  • Safety Gear for their cleaners
  • Fully Registered
  • Availability and Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Clean track record

Many businesses prefer to hire window cleaning services companies because it is less risky on their part. It saves you time for training, orientation, and recruiting. When it comes to workplace safety, it is essential that you only engage the best.

An excellent professional window cleaner also knows the benefits of planning before commencing any work and ensuring that all safety practices and procedures are in place. Prior planning will help in the prevention of accidents or injuries while on duty. They need to ensure that the pieces of equipment are in tip-top shape. They also have to know how to operate the equipment correctly and go for necessary training. A site assessment is also crucial since they will identify any potential hazards and develop strategies to prevent them. The review will help avoid a lot of possible accidents and guarantee a safer working environment.

Source: WorkSafe News Professional Window Cleaning: Workplace Safety

AIG appoints Peter Zaffino as chief executive officer

Current CEO Duperreault will become executive chairman

Source: Business Online AIG appoints Peter Zaffino as chief executive officer

Two Key Decisions Regarding COVID-19 Related Business Losses

Law360 reports that more than five thousand civil lawsuits have been filed by businesses seeking to recoup pandemic-related losses under their commercial policies. This new wave of litigation has called upon courts across the country to determine whether commercial policyholders have a right to recover for business losses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just last month, two federal courts reached conflicting decisions in similar suits brought by commercial policyholders against their insurers. The rulings, issued one day apart, highlight the challenges litigants will face in pursuing lawsuits of this nature on either side of the docket. In Studio 417, Inc., et al. v. The Cincinnati Ins. Comp., the plaintiff-insureds brought a class action against their insurer after their for pandemic-related business losses were denied. The respective policies each contained the same relevant language, which obligated the insurer to cover “direct ‘loss’ unless the ‘loss’ [was] excluded or limited”. A “Covered Cause of Loss” was defined as “accidental [direct] physical loss or accidental [direct] physical damage”. However, the policies were silent as to what constituted a “physical loss” or “physical damage”.
Source: The Claims Page – USA Two Key Decisions Regarding COVID-19 Related Business Losses

Firms urged to revisit emergency response and business continuity plans

Spotlight shines on risk consulting and engineering

Source: Business Online Firms urged to revisit emergency response and business continuity plans

Diversity Pays Off

The racial reckoning of recent months has raised the bar for business leaders. It is no longer enough for them to simply understand that a diverse group of employees, managers, executives and board members creates better results. They need to have the commitment and motivation to act as well as the fortitude and patience to improve the work environments they oversee. Whether it is diversity in age, ethnicity, religion, identity or gender, companies that support a diverse and inclusive culture will find greater success than those that do not. And the data proves it. Articles from McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) highlight how revenue, profit and performance are impacted by diversity and inclusion (D&I), and these numbers are significant. According to BCG, companies with diverse management teams experienced a 19% increase in revenue, compared to others with less diversity. McKinsey also reports racially and ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to perform better. When D&I intersect with one another, good things happen.
Source: The Page – USA Diversity Pays Off

Westpac takes huge insurance charge against earnings

Charge is the latest blow for country’s oldest bank

Source: Business Online Westpac takes huge insurance charge against earnings

Calls for insurance incentives for farmers reducing fire risks

“The Federal Government must take the lead on building a more resilient Australia”

Source: Business Online Calls for insurance incentives for farmers reducing fire risks

Tesla Insurance Could Potentially Be America’s Biggest Auto Insurer

Tesla – the auto offshoot of Tesla Inc. – could become one of the largest auto insurers in America, if the unit’s valuation by chief executive Elon Musk is to be believed. In a recent quarterly earnings call, Musk dropped hints that he sees Tesla taking up a good portion of the company’s car business. “Obviously, is substantial. So, could very well be, I don’t know, 30%, 40% of the value of the car business, frankly,” he said. Thirty per cent (30%) may not sound like much, but a report from CleanTechnica puts the figure into perspective. As of July, Tesla’s value exceeded almost every company in the S&P 500, the clean technology news portal noted, with the company’s market cap currently sitting at $391.95 billion. If Tesla was 30% of the company’s current market cap, it would easily take the top insurer spot from State Farm, which has a market cap of $42 billion.
Source: The Page – USA Tesla Insurance Could Potentially Be America’s Biggest Auto Insurer

ASIC deputy chairman resigns following expenses scandal

A review looks into his alleged use of taxpayer funds to cover rent expenses

Source: Business Online ASIC deputy chairman resigns following expenses scandal

How to Pressure Test Pipes Safely

When you have good plumbing, you’ll be able to run your water efficiently and effectively. However, when the pipes’ pressure is too high or low, you’ll run into problems. High water pressure will stress the entire system while low pressure will challenge good water flow.

The key to keeping your plumbing system in good shape is to test the pressure. Using air to assess the condition of a plumbing system is a good option. Knowing how to pressure test pipes safely isn’t always easy though. This system uses compressed gas which can cause pipes to explode if not done properly. It should also not be done with plumbing systems that have plastic piping installed.


Testing the System

If you’re testing a system that already has water, the plumbing pressure testing of pipes first involves turning off the main shutoff valve. Allow any water to drain from the pipes and then shut off faucets.

If the system is new without any water present, put a cap on stub-outs connected to the system. You’ll want to either solder or glue caps on water systems. If it’s a drain vent waste system, you can simply glue caps to stub-outs and then cut them off after completing the testing.


Install the Fittings

If it’s a new system, you may have to install the proper fittings to connect a pressure gauge and air compressor hose. For water systems, just leave the cap off of one stub-out. Then you can install a tee and adaptor for the hose and gauge on the stub-out. If it’s a waste system, attach the adaptor to a clean-out fitting and install a tee.

Now that you have the system ready, you can attach a water gauge. It’s best to do this in a laundry room faucet or you can also use an outdoor faucet with a threaded spout.


Connect the Hose

Connect the compressor hose to the system. Start by attaching an adaptor to a different faucet where you can connect this hose. Then attach the compressor to the faucet.


Change the System

Now that you’re ready to go, turn on the compressor. Let the pipes fill with air until your pressure gauge indicates that you’ve reached the optimal test pressure reading. Not all systems have the same pressure reading. You’ll have to review plumbing codes to get the correct reading for the system that you’re testing. It’s going to be different for water or drain systems.


Turn off the Compressor

Once you’ve reached the pressure desired, shut down the compressor. Allow the system to pressurize for 15 minutes. After you’ve waited, remove the hose but leave the pressure gauge in place. You can expect to hear some air escaping the pipes if there are any leaks in the system and may want to note them.

If you notice that the gauge’s pressure remains unchanged, you can be sure that the system is leak-free. However, if the pressure starts to go down, you’ll know that you have a leak present.


Repair Leaks

If you’ve noticed that there are leaks present, then you’ll be able to contact a professional plumber to have the system repaired. If you are yourself a plumber, you can consider repairing them yourself. The most common areas to find the leaks will be in the joints or any connections with the pipes. The three types of joints include IPS, compression, and soldered. While the repair for them is fairly straightforward, you may not want to take on these repairs unless you are experienced with plumbing repairs.


Testing the System

“It’s never a bad idea to test your plumbing system, and this process is fairly simple. It involves only seven steps, but it shouldn’t be done unless you are competent as incorrect testing can damage your entire system.”

Around the Bend – Plumbing Frankston

Not all plumbers are willing and able to pressure test pipes with air so you may have to contact a professional to get this testing completed. If you have a new system or an existing one where you suspect the pressure is not correct, testing is your best option.

Source: WorkSafe News How to Pressure Test Pipes Safely

Stay Safe at Work & Avoid Coronavirus Infections

In March of 2020, with novel coronavirus latching its claws across the globe, many businesses, workplaces, restaurants and schools were shut down to abstain the virus from spreading like wildfire. Millions of people around the world are staying home and practicing social distancing in order to curb the virus. But not everyone out there has the luxury to protect themselves against this virus by staying safe at their homes. Health care workers, medical shops, grocery shops, law enforcing personals and other public workers have to report on duty. Keeping them safe and providing those with maximum protection must be given utmost attention as they truly deserve that.


As this virus is novel, the information about it is very limited; in fact we are learning more about it with each case. With the attempt to flatten the curve, as the cases and death rate is still on the rise, we must follow the guidelines set by WHO (World Health Organisation). Fueling of misleading and deceptive information can create bedlam and lead people to act impulsively. Uncertainty causes confusion and that leads to chaos, which must be avoided at all cost as that would only deteriorate the situation further.


To effectively combat this pandemic and also to keep the employees safe from detrimental emotions, employers must have an open discussion about their reservations. The potential impact on their lives work and health wise, how can they protect themselves and the people around them and work in a safe and efficient environment. The responsibility lies on the employers to plan for this pandemic and make sure their employees have the best conditions to work in as they are the true warriors. They must address specific exposure risks, sources of exposure, ways of transmission and other ways this virus can contact.


Failing in planning proficiently can cause a cascade of failures as the workers try to deal with the challenges of the virus with insufficient resources and support from the establishments. Some workplaces and offices that were closed down during the lockdown are looking to reopen and face a new set of challenges. While owners, managers and even the employees want to get back to their normal life, with normal routine and normal working hours (seriously working at home has been the most daunting experience ever) the new guidelines and SOPs should be followed religiously to have a safe, stable and continuous run.


What’s the Risk of Contracting Coronavirus in the Workplace?


Occupational health and safety advisors must work in cooperation with the managers and carry out inspections that can competently assess the risk a particular workplace can have regarding the spread of the virus. Work on the ways to curb the virus, plan protective and preventive measures that keep that particular work environment safe and virus free, is the only way to reopen businesses in an innocuous way. Workplaces or jobs that have little to no contact with the general public or others are at a relatively low risk of exposure from the virus. On the other hand, jobs that ask for frequent contact with the general public, have high foot traffic at the workplace and need to work with the other employees have a higher risk of contracting the virus. The decisions to reopen, revise timings or close should be done after a detailed inspection, keeping all the aspects under consideration.


Vital measures that Must Be Taken by ALL Workplace to Protect against COVID-19


The first and foremost is the awareness that must be engraved in the employees. Hold workshops and awareness campaigns that instill the preventive measure in the minds of the workers, in order to get the desired results. Workplaces and offices must also not skim or spare any expense in providing resources that make the prevention easy. Get sanitising tunnels installed at the entrances, frequents signs that remind and encourage people, hand sanitisers should be readily available and masks must be supplied to all employees.


Tips for an Optimal Workplace


As we most certainly know that Coronavirus attacks our respiratory track and is highly contagious. It spreads from person to person through the droplets of cough, sneeze or even while talking. The droplets can stay active on a variety of surfaces and that too up to days. So the best bet against this virus is to frequently wash hands. Employees must be encouraged and reminded frequently about washing hands. Employers can run drills, have alarms set or even an announcement to wash hands after every hour can be very effective. Signs must be installed at public places like washrooms and cafeterias to remind people to wash hands. Washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, lathering all nooks and crannies of the hands can very efficiently keep the virus at bay.


Another way to proficiently keep the workplace virus-free, a strict, customary and standard cleaning and disinfecting procedure must be activated. All the surfaces that are frequently touched like stair railings, door knobs and handles, water dispenser, cafeteria, bathrooms, meeting rooms, countertops etc must be disinfected with a strong alcohol cleaner. Disinfecting wipes must also be provided to all employees to clean their own workstation before leaving so viruses cannot accumulate in the premises.


Wearing masks must be made mandatory on the work premises at all times. It must also be secured on the mouth and nose and preferably an N-95 mask that has multiple layers for an optimal protection. Masks mustn’t be placed under the nose, on the chin, hanging from one ear or removed entirely after one hour into the job. The basic etiquettes of covering a sneeze and cough must also be reminded through signs and symbols. All these can be done by strict monitoring and reinforcement, otherwise workers tend to get lost in their routine to completely bypass all the preventive measures.


Virus can spread when people are within 6 meters reach of one another. Employers have to take the difficult and very crucial decision to choose the employees that must be called at the workplace and rest could just do their work from home. The work hours can be made more flexible and less daunting. The 1-meter-apart signs must be placed in areas where queues can form. The places where meetings and gatherings have to be held, it must be cleaned, disinfected and sitting should be done at a safe distance. Workers must also be discouraged to share their things like phones, pens, lunch and desks with other co-workers to curtail the virus flow.


At the entrance of the premises, a fever check point should be installed. Taking the fever readings daily will be very beneficial for the workplace and the workers. Random tests of the employees will keep them on edge and they will take all this seriously. The repercussions of illness must be cleared to them. Any employee having any symptoms must be abstained from entering the area. They should be sent home and quarantined till there is no symptom of the acute respiratory illness. The fever and other signs must be gone for at least five days without any fever reducing medication.


Free tests of the employees can also do wonders for a virus-free workplace. The employers should be flexible in their policies and empathetic in these difficult and unreliable times. Sick people need to stay at home.  grant leaves for workers that have the need, and remain humane in your policies.


Another job for the employers is to manage is the creation and management policies, crafted to respect the concerns of the workers about pay, leave, safety and other questions that arise during these peculiar times. Collaborate with companies that can come up with good medical care service deals for employees in case of contracting the virus. These should be extended to the family members as well.


COVID-19 work health and safety resources using the below links:


The rights of the Employers


Workers must cooperate with their representatives and employers in order to build a safe work environment. Neglecting the prevention measures or not abiding by the rules is not acceptable as you are not only risking yourself but the other around you. Hiding symptoms and coming to the workplace is a big violation, workers must report to the employers immediately. International Labor Standards on the rights of workers and employers must be respected.


The Rights of the Employees


Special protection and leverages should be granted to older employees as they are the ones at the most risk from this virus. There shouldn’t be any stigma associated with the virus neither any discrimination done by the employers. Workers must be given access information and protection and supported in their vulnerable times. If they feel uncomfortable for any work assignment they can remove themselves from that task but with a reasonable justification.




In order to protect ourselves and the people around us we must follow the 4 layered protections essential for mitigating Coronavirus. Wearing a mask, observing social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting frequently and hand washing can help stop the spread of the virus. Employee well-being and resilience is an asset of any firm and to protect that they should eat healthy, workout, have a good 8 hour sleep, manage stress and take a break to revitalise and rejuvenate.

Source: WorkSafe News Stay Safe at Work & Avoid Coronavirus Infections