Excess or Umbrella Liability

Coverage Summary - Excess Liability

Excess Liability policies increase the limit of liability for a single liability policy. They are often follow-form so will be subject to the same terms and conditions as your current policy, however may be subject to additional exclusions.
Generally the limit of liability offered under an excess policy will not exceed the limit of liability of the primary policy. Thus if you already have a $10m public liability policy but require $50m in future, 4 or more excess policies may be required to achieve the $50m limit.

Coverage Summary - Umbrella Liability

Unlike an excess policy which only increases the limit of liability of a single policy, an Umbrella Liability policy can sit “umbrella” over multiple policies that offer public liability cover, effectively raising the limits of all policies.

Additional Benefits

Usually both Excess and Umbrella Liability covers are not subject to an additional excess or deductible as insurers will only respond to a claim once the primary covers limit of liability are exhausted.
However where it is agree that an excess or umbrella policy can “drop down” to become primary cover a deductible or excess will generally apply.

Obtaining a Quotation

In order to obtain quotations, insurers will require the same information required to effect a primary policy (to which the excess or umbrella policy sits above). In addition, insurers will often seek to review the primary policy to ensure that they can provide “follow-form” cover.
See Public Liability for additional information requirements or please contact ARMS Risk Management.

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