IDG Contributor Network: How blockchain is hastening the advance of autonomous cars

Our modern era is a pivotal time, and new technology is constantly pushing the status quo. While tech gurus, engineers, and developers make steady progress in numerous industries, there are only a few trends that will define this point in time for our successors. Those who look back fondly at the dawn of the 21st century will likely count the advance of blockchain and autonomous vehicles among the key emergent technologies. They will also recognize that these two innovations were undoubtedly intertwined.

Hands off the wheel

The dream of self-driving cars first captured the hearts and minds of people in the 1980s, with Carnegie Mellon and Bundeswehr University Munich students creating the seminal autonomous vehicles ALV and Eureka Prometheus, respectively. These cars did not rely on magnetic tracks or remote control like previous attempts, but without further advancements in technology that hadn’t yet taken place, progress stagnated. The first true step forward in allowing auto manufacturers to build their own self-driving models was the proliferation of wireless internet.

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